Fishing and fish feeding: The perfect bait

Fisherman or Fish lover: The perfect bait

You might not have guessed it but insects are a natural part of a fish’s diet. In South East Asia it is actually very common to hang fluorescent lights above fish ponds to attract insects. The insects get confused by the reflection of the light on the water and fall in where they make a delicious snack for a lucky fish.

Insects can also be used for fishing because of fish’s natural attraction to them. This is why it’s so common to use worms as bait. Mealworms are particularly good because of their strong scent. Keep reading to find out more.

Feeding your fish

Most fishfeed contains ingredients that aren’t as sustainable or as nutritious as they could be. They are also not as reliable as the availability of these ingredients often depend on season.

Most fish feeds tend to contain fish meal, which is a problem for two reasons. 1. the cost of fishmeal is rising due to demand and 2. the demand is leading to overfishing. So if you care about the environment and wouldn’t mind saving a few pennies, then it might be time to convert to insect feed.

Insects are preferable to a plant based diet that some people are reverting to as this is too high in fibre. Mealworms replace the protein that the fish get from fish meal and therefore you’re not compromising any nutrients from the fish.


If you are an avid fisherman then you will know the importance of having a good bait. Worms are a common type of bait used to catch fish, but what if we told you that live mealworms were the best!

Almost any fish will eat mealworms and unlike other worms which attract fish due to their wriggling motion, mealworms have a strong scent. This means that fish don’t need to be able to see the mealworm to be drawn in, which makes them perfect bait for murky river fishing or night fishing.

Yes, you can use dried mealworms to fish, but this is more expensive and less sustainable than growing your own. Growing your own means you always have a steady supply of mealworms when you feel like going fishing. You don’t need to prepare for your trip by ordering in dried ones, going to the shop for live ones or hunting around in the mud for earth worms. Watch your catch get larger and your pockets heavier by growing your own mealworms!