Live mealworms for your reptiles!

Why should you be feeding your reptile live insects?

If you are reptile owner, you are most likely already feeding your pet insects so you probably don't get the ‘ick’ from insects. So why not make the transition from dried crickets or meal worms to live ones? And if you already do feed your pets live ones, then why not grow them yourself at home?

Common pet reptiles that eat mealworms:

  • Bearded dragon
  • Leopard gecko
  • Crested gecko
  • Veiled chameleon
  • Blue-Tongue Skink
  • Green Basilisk

It’s cost effective!

Most of the reptiles mentioned above need insects as part of their diet. Some people choose to buy dried mealworms or crickets but these have to be shipped from abroad which increases their price and when you’re feeding them to your reptiles daily, this can really add up. Likewise, buying live insects from the pet shop can also become costly due to the amount your reptile needs.

Growing mealworms yourself means you can have constant supply of insects for your reptiles, saving you lots of money in the long run as you can keep them alive with your own food waste.

Its better for your pets

Buying dried mealworms or other insects for your pets may seem like it’s working out for you, but you don’t know what these bugs are being raised on. It is actually illegal to feed dried mealworms to chickens because of the lack of regulations. Do you want to feed your pet something that has been eating sewage or plastic? You are what you eat after all!

The benefits of growing your own mealworms is that you can control what your are feeding them. This way you know that your pets are getting the proper nutrients that they need to thrive. You can feed the mealworms on grains like oats as well as your own food waste, such as carrot tops or unwanted fruit. You can also purchase feed with extra nutrients to make your mealworms grow faster if you want.


It's Sustainable 

For information on why growing your own mealworms is sustainable click here!


  • overfeed your reptile as they may find it hard to digest the exoskeletons of the mealworms which contain lots of chitin
  • overfeed bearded dragon lizard’s as mealworms have a high fat content which can cause weight gain for this species.


  • feed your reptile newly molted mealworms as their exoskeleton will not be so hard to digest
  • make sure your pet has lots of water and is well hydrated as this can help with the digestion process